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Vintage Scavenger Hunt Challenge 2024

by A Bee In My Bonnet
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This year, I’m jumping into Bev’s Vintage Scavenger Hunt Challenge over at My Reader’s Block. It’s pretty simple – all you have to do is pick up a mystery book from either the Golden (pre-1960) or Silver Age, as long as the cover showcases one of the listed scavenger items. Easy-peasy!

I’m inching my way (think snail speed) toward a steadier reading routine this year, with a goal to finish at least 8 books for this challenge. Choosing the books for the items was a blast! Despite having a stash of mystery novels at home, I wanted to try new stories this year. I probably won’t write up a review for every single one, but I’ll definitely keep this post and my Goodreads profile updated with the ones I do get through.

No more beating around the bush—here’s my lineup of scavenger items:

Not Yet Owned

  1. Any piece of Furniture (Chair) – J. Jefferson Farjeon’s Seven Dead (BOUGHT, READ)
  2. Telephone – Moray Dalton’s One by One They Disappeared
  3. Staircase – Mary Roberts Rinehart’s The Circular Staircase
  4. Graveyard – Joan Cockin’s Villainy at Vespers
  5. Spider/Spiderweb – Moray Dalton’s The Body in the Road
  6. Damsel in Distress – Alice Campbell’s Death Framed in Silver
  7. Cat – Harriet Rutland’s Knock, Murderer, Knock
  8. Suitcase/Briefcase/Purse – Patricia Wentworth’s The Girl in the Cellar
  9. Flashlight – J.S Fletcher’s The Safety Pin
  10. Door – Cyril Hare’s Tenant for Death
  11. Coat/Man in Trench Coat (Coat) – Mary Roberts Rinehart’s The Man in the Lower Ten (BOUGHT, READ)
  12. Any Other Weapon (Arrow) – John Bude’s The Cheltenham Square Murder
  13. Lamp – Freeman Wills Croft’s The Hog’s Back Mystery


  1. Mask – Georgette Heyer’s Behold, Here’s Poison
  2. Skeletal Hand – Agatha Christie’s The Moving Finger
  3. Two People – Margery Allingham’s Flowers for the Judge
  4. Musical Instrument (Piano Accordion) – Ngaio Marsh’s Swing, Brother, Swing (OWNED, READ)
  5. Map/Chart (Map) – Carolyn Keene’s The Quest of the Missing Map (OWNED, READ)
  6. Clock/Timepiece – Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express
  7. Playing Cards – Ngaio Marsh’s Vintage Murder
  8. Bottle/Glass for Drinking – Ngaio Marsh’s A Man Lay Dead
  9. Statue – Ngaio Marsh’s When in Rome

Here’s the full list of scavenger items in case you want to follow:

Full SkeletonHatDoctorFood of some sort
Written DocumentGloveMirrorLibrary/Book
Shadowy/Ghostly FigureCigarette/PipeTypewriterCat
Any piece of furnitureNewspaperFishing GearMap/Chart
KnifeA Blonde (woman/man)Town ScenePlane
FootprintsA blue objectTreeChristmas Tree/Decoration
Fog/MistA yellow objectTwo PeopleAny other holiday object
Body of WaterMusical InstrumentGraveyardPoliceman
CoffinSkeletal HandCoat/Man in TrenchcoatBuilding (other than house)
Bottle/Glass for DrinkingSkullDoorLamp
StatueSpooky House/MansionPlaying CardsCamera
BirdSuit of ArmorShoe(s)Magnifying Glass
Chandelier/Candle/etc.RevolverA Redhead (woman/man)Country Scene
BoatScarf/Cravat/NecktieA Red ObjectSnow/Snowy Scene
Broken ObjectAny other weaponObject of any other ColorMore than two people
Painting/Photograph"Evil" EyesSpider/SpiderwebTombstone
NurseBottle of PoisonRope/Hangman's NooseMoon
VaseClock/TimepieceBlunt InstrumentSuitcase/Briefcase/Purse
TelephoneDogDamsel in DistressFlashlight
Artist/Art EquipmentAny other animalCurtainsPerformer (Clown/Dancer/etc.)
Jewelry of Any SortCar/TruckHand Holding WeaponA Brunette (woman/man)
Flower(s)/PlantCarriage/WagonCane/Walking StickA green object
Just one personBloodstainsTrainMask
Castle/RuinsStaircaseDead BodyWeirdest Item you've seen

Happy reading!

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