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“There is nothing nicer than a kitchen really made for a cook. Things that are designed to be used always have an innate beauty.”
Julia Child

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I’ve been itching to make Pan de Coco ever since I kicked off the Panaderia series. This bread holds a special spot in my memories. When I was a kid, we’d visit my grandma’s house and make a beeline for the neighborhood sari-sari store across the narrow footpath. We’d grab …

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe Last night, I found myself on my bed, pondering whether I had the energy to whip up some cheese bread dough and let it proof in the fridge overnight. The lazy side of me won the battle, leaving me a tad disappointed that I wouldn’t have …

I suddenly had a hankering for coconut macaroons last Thursday. It was definitely not due to sugar withdrawal because heaven knows I’m amped on sugar most of the time. I probably just missed the taste of this snack and it’s been so long since I last ate macaroons that I …

It would be remiss of me if I started off the #panaderia series with something other than pandesal. Pandesal is the king of Filipino breads – it’s sold in every panaderia in the country and not one panaderia will leave off selling pandesal to hungry customers every day.

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe So I’ve been obsessing with the steamed chicken from Tim Ho Wan recently. I think I’ve ordered it thrice in a week and while the food is nutritious on its own, it’s not healthy for my wallet. 🥲 Good news though, it’s not that hard to …

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe Yesterday I made some Korean Egg Bread. Gyeran-ppang, as it’s called in Korea, is rather like a savory breakfast pancake but in muffin form. It was originally supposed to be an entry for Week 33 of the #52weeksofbaking2023 challenge over at Reddit, but I wasn’t very …

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