Home Garden Nov ’23 – Mar ’24 Monthly Roundup

Nov ’23 – Mar ’24 Monthly Roundup

by A Bee In My Bonnet
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Can you believe it? My garden’s been down and out for nearly 5 months now. Would you guess we’ve had a solid 3 months of non-stop rain? On top of that, I was away from home for a good three weeks at the beginning of the year, leaving my garden in the hands of my friend, who freely admits to having a black thumb.

With all that relentless rain pouring down, I couldn’t get any work done in the garden—no fertilizing, no pest control, not even basic upkeep. And when my poor roses started to drown or rot, there was nothing I could do about it. Those pesky scales were having a field day, and I was powerless to stop them.

Sad news…

Returning from my vacation, I was met with heartbreak: not only were droves of my beloved roses succumbing to rot, but my garden was also playing host to a troubling swarm of grasshoppers/locusts. By that time, my plants were already under immense stress, fighting off scales and rot, and now they looked painfully bare with these pests chomping away at whatever leaves remained.

This month, I finally mustered up the courage to tackle the daunting task of cleaning up the garden. I ended up having to bid farewell to over 20 roses, including some hefty rose trees and bushes. Desperate to get rid of those gigantic insects – I mean, they were as long and thick as fingers – I grabbed a fast-acting insect spray, organic or not, I didn’t care. Thankfully, they vanished after just one round of spraying. Once the pests were gone, I used an organic spray for scales this time.

Ambridge – last hurrah before it died. I really thought it would survive.

On the bright side!

With the sun shining brighter each day, I decided to give my plants a good soaking of liquid fertilizer. I also took the opportunity to rearrange the garden, lining up all the climbing roses along the trellis facing the pool. But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. I actually snapped some pictures of my roses in full bloom. Can you believe it? Despite everything, a bunch of them put up a good fight and managed to show off their flowers!

I’ve been eyeing three new plants since last year, and guess what? My seller finally agreed to send them over after Chinese New Year, and I couldn’t be happier with them. Plus, I’ve completed my Secret Garden collection (from Rosa Orientis) with the arrival of Dickon! I don’t have a picture of them in bloom though, so we’d have to wait a couple of months.

Honor Roll of Rose Bloomers

Emma Woodhouse

Rock n’ Roll


Gerbruder Grimm

Poet’s Wife

Hot Chocolate


Distant Drums







Herzogin Christiana

Jeanne Moreau

Turn Blue




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