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April 2024 Monthly Roundup

by A Bee In My Bonnet
18 minutes read

I’m happy to see some improvement in my garden. While there weren’t as many flowers as I hoped for, I’m pretty excited that things seem to be heading in the right direction for my plants. It’s nice to spot new buds sprouting on the stems, although I did have some anxious moments thanks to the unpredictable weather—torrential rains one day followed by scorching heat the next. To add to the fun, I spotted a big locust chilling on my Miyabi bush this morning. I had to quickly shoo it away before it got any bright ideas about chomping down on my roses again.

Aoi – I transferred this pot outside the French windows of my bedroom. I was happy to see a spray of colorful flowers one day.

My weapons in the fight!

I’m giving my garden a boost with a few new additions: Great Big Roses Compost Extract, Tree Grafting Paste, and Rosa Fungi Plus. I might dive deeper into each of these in a separate post.

I’ve had the fertilizer since last year, but I held off using it due to the heavy rains we’ve been having lately. Plus, it’s pretty pricey, so I’ve been stretching it out by using it in my weekly liquid feed. I finally bought the grafting paste about two weeks ago after seeing someone sharing about it on a gardening forum I follow. With the frequent rain and battling dieback, I figured sealing the cuts before they get infected could really help.

My seller has been selling this Rosa Fungi Plus tablet for a while now, but I was skeptical about its benefits. It seems to be pretty popular with rose growers in the country, but I never took the plunge before. However, after reading that it’s supposed to promote stronger root systems, I decided to give it a shot and grabbed 50 tablets last week. Apparently, you just bury it under the soil and let it work its magic.

Welcome additions to the garden

I’ve added two new plants this month (last month, I got Cecile de Volanges, Dickon, and Roald Dahl). Say hello to Jules Verne and Paris. These IDs aren’t new to my garden—I had them last year, but unfortunately, they didn’t make it through the rainy season. These new pots are replacements because I really dig these IDs. Here’s hoping they thrive this year and bring years of joy ahead. On a sad note, I lost my Scheherazade plant to dieback.

I’m trying to keep my rose collection in check, so I’ve been super picky about which ones to bring home. I’ve even resorted to avoiding my sellers’ pages to resist temptation, but every now and then, they send me a list of new IDs they think I might like. It’s a constant battle.

Cautious Survivors



While the colors were a bit faded, I’m hopeful for a healthier bloom next time.

Cecile de Volanges

I repotted this two weeks ago, and thankfully, it adapted well enough to bloom.


An old favorite—personally, I think this ID is perfect for the weather around here. The colors seem to shine even brighter as the temperature climbs.


Distant Drums



I forgot to mark down which ID this was, so at first, I thought it was Eurydice. But after a quick Google search to confirm, turns out it’s actually Ariadne.


This rose tree was hanging on by a thread during the rain. But with a little TLC, it sprouted loads of new shoots and surprised me with this beautiful cluster of flowers.



I hope this doesn’t succumb to dieback at this stage.



Despite being hit hard by scale insects, this one surprised me with a few blooms this morning. They were smaller and fewer compared to last year’s, but I’m just relieved it managed to bounce back from the scale attack.


William and Catherine

This one’s quite the survivor, much like its namesake Catherine, The Princess of Wales, who’s battling cancer right now. I wish all the best to both Catherines.

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