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2024 Cloak and Dagger Challenge

by A Bee In My Bonnet
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So I’m back to blogging (more actively, that is) after a couple of months. I mentioned in my previous post that the end of 2023 was an uphill sprint towards the finish line. But new year, new start amirite?

Let’s kick off the year (never mind that 2024 started a couple of months back) with some fresh reading challenges. I’ve hauled about a dozen books from home that I’m eager to re-read this year and they’re gonna be part of the challenges. Two birds, one stone – winning!

So, which ones am I doing?

One of the challenges I’ve started is the Cloak and Dagger Challenge. I picked it because it’s:

a) Doable – I like to write about gardening and cooking too, so I’m keeping a good mix of posts on my blog. And you know, getting back into reading consistently can be a bit tricky for me, so I’m just keeping it real and setting some down-to-earth goals for the number of books I can actually tackle.

b) Interesting – This challenge is right up my alley. Cloak and Dagger immediately caught my eye as a sucker for mystery/detective stories.

Cloak and Dagger

Challenge Details: Hosted by Carol at Carol’s Notebook. Must read a book that is at least a 100 pages and falls under the mystery/suspense/thriller/crime/true crime genres and its subgenres. Crossover with other challenges is fine, and reviews need to be posted somewhere. Tag: CloakDaggerChal


5-15 books – Amateur sleuth –> My goal, but who knows? I might surprise myself this year.

16-25 books – Detective

26-35 books – Inspector

36 – 55 books – Special agent

56+ books – Sherlock Holmes

The trickiest part of this challenge, at least for me, is having to churn out reviews for the books I read. I mean, I could stick to the short versions on Goodreads instead of my usual long-ish blog posts, but let’s be real—I tend to be a bit lazy about these things. But hey, that’s the whole point of a challenge, right? You’re supposed to apply a bit of elbow grease!

The good news is that I can do crossovers between challenges, so a bunch of books I’ll be reading this year will do double or triple duty.

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